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The Featured Artists element of the Gallery is an occasional 'by invitation' opportunity to an Artist whose work Christy feels works particularly well in the space.

Their work is hung alongside that of Iain and Lindsey for a limited period of time.

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Jeannelise Edelsten

Christy has invited our next exciting Featured Artist; 

Jeannelise Edelsten, from 16th March 2024.

The constant theme in Jeannelise's work is represented by ‘the line’ which creates a connection between her past and present, and she has developed ideas and colour schemes all underpinned by the line.

"My artwork is not a constant narrative; it can sometimes be thematic. However, it is united by the hands which makes it and the printing method used. What I like about printing is
best described by artist Stephen Chambers who says: ‘printing is a mix of Chance, Recklessness and the unexpected’, that is why I am drawn to it because it has an element of control and surprise. I am interested in patterns and I am often inspired by nature, authors, art history and the rhythm of poetry. I like exploring printmaking with different methods such as screenprinting, monoprinting, drypoint and photopolymer etching."


Please join our mailing list to be invited to her private view at L'Atelier11 in March 2024.

Submission Process

If you would like to submit work to be considered as a Featured Artist, please complete the form below or email


We cannot reply to all submissions, but each will be carefully considered and kept on file.

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To be considered, please complete the form below

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