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Iain organises and teaches Art Clubs on Thursday and Friday mornings

(from 10.00 - 12.00) within the space at L'Atelier11.  

The Clubs are very informal, friendly and welcome beginners or more established artists wanting to try new things. 


We also offer a selection of quality art materials which we are delighted to be stockists of.

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Art Clubs

There is a theme/mediums to try and topics which Iain sets for a few weeks at a time, but if you prefer to continue with your own work that’s absolutely fine too.

Members provide general art supplies and a sketchbook.

The Clubs operate on a ‘ticket’ basis, so you buy 10 tickets for £115 (£5 for drinks) and use as you go, which Iain keeps track of, so you don’t miss out if you can’t attend. 

Each Club is limited to 12 students per session. 

Both Art Clubs are fully booked, if you would like to join a waiting list please contact us

L'Atelier11 Art Club
I would just like to let you know how much I am enjoying the art sessions, especially today as was nice to use different materials.
You are a great teacher as you make everyone feel they're doing great no matter what level they are (even a novice like me). It is very therapeutic also, I look forward to continuing!
L'Atelier11 Art Materials

Artist Materials

We offer a selection of quality art materials which we are delighted to be stockists of.

Iain uses these materials in his own work and with students in the Art Clubs.


Art Graf are Portuguese made, they produce a wonderful range of textural and tonal results. Watersoluble graphite, in a range of forms, create exciting opportunities for mark making. Iain uses them in mixed media pieces and for sketching. They highlight a textural surface and add depth and interest.

Blackwing products are high quality and their pencils are exquisite to use. Iain uses them for sketching and in mixed media pieces.

Schminke products are also high quality and the watercolours Iain has chosen are a pleasure to work with.

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