We invite a Featured Ceramicist to stock and exhibit their ceramic artwork within L'Atelier11

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Robyn Hardyman

Robyn Hardyman works with porcelain, making functional and decorative wheel-thrown vessels – bowls, vases, moon jars and more.


Elegance and balance define the pared back simplicity of her work. She is drawn to porcelain’s combination of delicacy and strength, and the pure surface it offers for glazes.


The pieces are thrown to a fine and delicate finish. She relishes exploring glaze colours and textures that complement the restrained forms.


Her colour palette is cool – blues, greys, pale greens and creams – calming and harmonious.

Robyn also enjoys the effect of her work gathered in groups, the shapes and shadows between the forms, and the relationship between their colours and textures.  


L'Atelier11 will be stocking and displaying a collection of Robyn's ceramic and porcelain work from Saturday 19th November 2022.


Robyn's collection are porcelain thrown on the wheel in her garden studio in Oxford. Her pieces are thrown thinly, and while their forms are often inspired by classic ceramics of the Far East they have a contemporary quality of their own.

Contact us for more details or to arrange a private viewing.