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L'Atelier11 has been created to showcase the artwork of Iain Hodgkinson and Lindsey Graham 

supported by Christy Rickman.

Iain and Lindsey have known each other for over 10 years and have become close friends. 

It really was a meeting of minds.

A similar approach to art likes and printmaking effects led them to support each other in their work and professional development.

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L'Atelier11 photo of Iain, Lindsey and Christie

The signs were there

Both Iain and Lindsey have former experience of working in collaborative and partnership environments in the health, private and voluntary sectors.


These have included, Chief Executive, Director and
training roles. Within these roles, there was a great deal of passion for the visual and experiential aspects of service provision, which now transfers to L’Atelier11.

Iain Hodgkinson
Artist Printmaker

Iain’s work consists of textural, aesthetic forms which are abstract and representational.

He loves working from actual landscapes and images and creating a response to them through line, mark making and ultimately through printmaking and painting.


Iain uses a variety of techniques including Collagraphs, Etching, Lino and Woodcuts onto prepared mixed backgrounds.

This relationship between the printed and the painted results in a marriage of texture, form and depth which he exploits to the full!

Loving to sketch to begin work, whether a print or a painting, Iain’s paintings allow him to create a different response to what he sees. He loves using Collage, Mixed Media, Oil and Acrylic paints to develop layers and mark making techniques. 

Iain’s passion for sharing skills led to him to run local Art Clubs, Workshops and Art Holidays.

A joint founding member of Buckingham Art for All Printmakers Network, Iain is a member of the Printmakers Council and Leicester Print Workshop.

He gained a BA Hons Fine Art Degree from the University of Central Lancashire.

Iain Hodgkinson L'Atelier11
Lindsey Graham L'Atelier11

Lindsey Graham
Artist Printmaker

Printmaking tends to evoke memories of potato printing as a child, or giggles around 'come up and see my Etchings!', but it’s a seemingly endless array of processes where printmakers make a plate and then transfer the image, using ink, to another surface.


They all give the gift of serendipity which Lindsey loves; she enjoys not really knowing what the image will look like until the paper is peeled from her plates and experimenting with mixing techniques.

Mainly inspired by nature and the human face, Lindsey has evolved two distinct styles over the years:

A minimalist approach to Linoprinting, where as little mark making as possible is all, and an intricate layering of textures for her Collagraphs. The layering might be in the original platemaking; the printing with Chine Collé, gold, silver or copper foil, or in the hand gilding and colouring of the final prints. She collects, dries and presses leaves, flowers and bark using them with upcycled materials, like string and the discarded waste from when she makes Linocuts, to make plates and embellish prints.

Lindsey is a Founder Member of the Buckinghamshire Craft Guild and a member of the Printmakers Council, Buckinghamshire Art Society, Leicester Print Workshop, Buckingham Artists, Buckingham Art for All, and Buckingham (Bafa) Printmakers. She coordinates Bafa Gallery which, together with Buckingham Printmakers, she initiated to support people in developing their skills.

She completed a two year Higher Professional Diploma in Creative Arts (Printmaking) with Distinction at West Hertfordshire College in 2008 after studying Printmaking at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College in 2005/6.

Christy Rickman

Iain and Christy have known each other for over 10 years too, becoming friends and sharing a love for art, design and beautiful things.

Over time they have both dreamt of creating a lovely gallery space where they are able to show a high standard of varied work which complements and reflects the passion and craftsmanship found in the work of Iain and Lindsey.

Christy’s experience of working in galleries and her creative eye for taste and curation offers a unique contribution to the space. Christy loves discovering emerging artists and finding ways of presenting a diverse range of work in beautiful and interesting ways.

Christy Rickman leads the Featured Artists element of the space.

Christy Rickman L'Atelier11
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