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James Bristow: Featured Artist

For our second exciting Featured Artist Christy invited James Bristow. 

Sam Wadsworth Artist

Working from his studio in Northamptonshire, James creates handprinted, one-off, abstract Screen Prints. 

James started experimenting with Screen Printing in 2020, setting up a print workshop in a small space at the back of his studio.

Self-taught, he has moved from initial experiments with typography and language, to hypnotic, abstract works, exploring the possibilities of overlapping geometric wave patterns and a generous use of colour.

James’ palette of warm and vibrant colour, geometry, opacity and texture is at the core of his work which incorporates experimentation and happenstance; using accident more than design to create bold, one-off prints that contain a harnessed energy and an overarching feeling of positivity and joy.

Inspired by the Seneca quote "we are waves of the same sea", the Waves series has already attracted collectors from the UK and the USA to Tokyo and Australia.

In 2022 Bristow's work 'Waves #11' was selected for the INGDiscerning Eye exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London.

​Visit James' website here.

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