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20.20 Print Exchange – over 10 years of taking part!

Lindsey and Iain have participated in this Print Exchange since 2012 when they were members of Milton Keynes Printmakers.

20:20 Print Exchange Logo

It started as a project between the Hotbed Press (Salford) and Red Hot Press in Southampton to exchange prints between print workshops.

Once Lindsey and Iain had set up Buckingham (Bafa) Printmakers they encouraged them to join in and they did so from 2013.

This has been the biggest year yet with 16,100 prints submitted by 644 artists and exchanged with 44 print groups and workshops. Nine international groups joined in from Ireland, Denmark, Hong Kong, Iceland, Sweden, Russia and Slovenia.

Each artist is asked to produced a new edition of 25 original prints on paper size 20cm x 20cm.  These can be any print medium and are numbered 1 to 25.

The first of each edition goes on a National Tour and each artist, and workshop, receives a selection of other artist’s work

Linoprint by Lindsey Graham

'Free', Linoprint & Chine Collé by Lindsey Graham – available framed in black, in the Gallery from 15th March 2024.


A Day out Punting by Iain Hodgkinson

'A Day out Punting,' Linocut, by Iain Hodgkinson - available framed in black for purchase from the gallery from 15th March 2024.



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